• Joakim Eneroth

    Joakim Eneroth is multi-disciplinary artist, born in Stockholm in 1969. His varied and experimental techniques propose artworks that are both contemplative and poetic. This young artist grew up in an environment of a political protest, within a family of anarchists and socialists, a far cry from consumer society and the influence of publicity. An adept of meditation, Joakim Eneroth conceives the photographic medium as a transcription of mental reflection.

    The emblematic series that brought the Swedish artist to fame is titled Without End (1999-2003). It illustrates his multiple journeys, like an intimate photographic diary. The work is unified through the theme of awareness of the world, which the photographer declines according to the different meanings that it may take on. This work, honored by the Voies Off Prize 2005 at the festival of Arles, has brought him international recognition.

    In this same year, at the Noorderlicht Photofestival in the Netherlands, Joakim Eneroth presented simultaneously Waiting and Testimony, an anti-torture piece, the works of which form part of the Moderna Museet collection in Stockholm and the Deichtorhallen collection in Hambourg.
    The series Testimony was published by Art and Photographs UK in 2008.

    In 2009, Joakim Eneroth began his series Swedish Red illustrating the facades of traditional Swedish houses, windowless and fenced off by a hedge. Joakim Eneroth creates a visual barrier and proposes an inaccessible image, with no possible opening to the outside world. The artist depicts our need for security and our desire for control in a world that is globalized and encircled by news reports that force us to open our eyes to a planet threatened by crisis and war. Eight works in this series are in the Tate Modern collection in London, two in the Dallas Museum of Art collection, and also part of the Franks-Suss collection.
    Publication released by the STEIDL publishing house in 2013.

    In 2010, Short Stories of the Transparent Mind is exposed for the first time in Paris. This work, articulated around images and texts, explores the nature of the mind from a philosophical point of view. The striking series of photographs illustrates the visual experience in our perception, before our mind becomes influenced by its own judgment of good and bad, virtue and evil.

    This series is in the collection of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) in Paris, of the Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York.
    Published by Powerhouse Books New York in 2010.

    The recent photographic work Whispering Void, inspired by this same theme, proposes photography works, tridimensional photographic installations and levitating sculptures. Each of them illustrates the practice of meditation to dissolve the oscillations of the mind.
    Book published by Arvinius+Orfeus in 2017.

    Joakim Eneroth lives and works in Stockholm in Sweden.