• Rachel Agnew

    Rachel Agnew is an artist from Antwerp (Belgium). Each one of her paintings is an emotional uppercut because of their confronting honesty, imperfect beauty and humanity, using man and humanity as a central theme. Fear, anger, neurosis, escapism and madness, hatred, love and guilt are embroiled in a constant conflict, together with an uncontrollable urge to live life to the fullest. Concessions, sacrifices, and human behavior made to fulfill the demand for hollow superficiality and homogeneous equality, in combination with the forced illusion of individuality lead to a multiplicity of man-made, in some cases hidden, worlds where people try to cope with the complex reality, life and death, each other and themselves. Although thematically heavy, Rachel Agnew’s work is also littered with an acerbic wit and a life-affirming sense of humor.